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  Valuable Internet Resources

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Outdoor Power Equipment Manufactures (140 + Links)

Work Smarter Not Harder!

Lawn related Magazines

Lawn related Forums

 Outdoor Power Equipment  GrassMasters Lawn Service Forum
 Irrigation & Green Industry  Lawnservicing Forum Community
 Landscape and Irrigation  Garden Web Forums (Huge List)
 Landscape Management  What's the best Lawnmower?
 Grounds Maintenance  Lawnmower Repair Man
 PRO Magazine  Landscape Forums
 Turf Magazine  


 Turf & Grass

Ponds & Water Gardens

 Turfgrass Information Center

 Internet Pond Society   Lawn World: Great Info Site
 The Water garden  Turfgrass Information Organization
 John Shelley's Water Gardens  The Lawn Challenge
 Aquascape Design Inc.   Lawn Care by State
 The Pond Doctor Home on the Web   U.S.D.A. State Partners
 Burns Water Gardens  The Ultimate Turfgrass Links Page 
     Turfgrass Management and Use

Visit the Mowerzone for a great deal on parts and accessories.

Equipment Resources: Helpful Information

 Engine Oil Filter Study (A must if you repair your own equipment)
 Lawn Mower Repair: Briggs Stratton Master Service Technician
 Hydro Seeders: Process, selection, material cost & pricing (Informative)

Looking for ATV parts and accessories or lawnmower parts and accessories?

Miscellaneous Resources: Not Sorted!

 Garden Guides  
 Plant Pest Handbook
 Gardening Launch Pad (3800+ links)
 Lawn & Garden Projects (tutorials) of all kinds (A must see)
 Garden Web: The Internets Garden Community (Large resource)
 Learn How to Propagate all kinds of plants (Grow your own)
 John Shelley's Garden Center & Nursery, Inc (Nice site)
 Jess Stryker's Free Landscape Irrigation Tutorial* (Plenty of info)
 Yetmans Lawn and Garden Power Equipment Directory (Big)
 Turf Professionals Online Source for Weed Control Options (Nice site)
 Professional Lawn Care Association of America
  U. S. Lawn Mower Racing Association
 Turf & Ornamental: Chemical Data & Information (Labels & MSDS) 


Resources to help you & your Business!




 Free Legal Advice

Freeware (Big)

 Small Business Administration  
 U.S. Social Security Administration  MapQuest (Go here if your lost!)
 U.S. Department of Labor  SBA's: Shareware Library
 U.S. Copyright Office  Lawn & garden Fonts & Clipart
 U.S. Business Advisor  Merriam-Webster Dictionary
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Premier Roses
Plant Amnesty
Internet Public Library
USDA Home Gardening

Lawntalk, University of Illinois
Home & Garden Resource Site
Lawn publications lot of grass info
Mr. Grow answers your landscape problems

AAA Ornamentals Hostas & Ornamental Grass


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