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Tillers 2 Cycle portables

I call these portable because that is exactly what they are. Their are light weight, in most cases, in the 20 LB range, very easy to maneuver and most of all require very little maintenance.

The 2 cycle tillers/cultivators are perfect for those jobs in established flower beds and gardens. If you have a small job, go grab your tiller and take it where you want. Very little room needed especially in those tight hard to get at places. When your finished you won't be wore out. A very affordable and light weight tiller. 

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Front tine tiller           

These are in the mid range of the tillers. They have wheels mounted on the frame fixed where they can be moved out of the way when in use, the wheels are there just to make it easy to move from one place to another. Most of them have 3-5 hp 4 cycle engines.

This tiller can definitely get the job done and still work in confined areas. They require a little hard work as when holding the tiller handles, it sits on the tines only when tilling, in which a little bit of strength is required, but for confined areas, portability and price it can't be beat.

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Rear tine tillers

These range from 4 hp and up to 8hp even more. They can get the job done, with very little effort on your part even in the toughest of tilling jobs. You  require more room than the front tine tillers and of course they are a good bit heavier. This is one of advantages of the rear tine tillers. The weight which helps when tilling those extra tough jobs.

Most  of them have forward and reverse drive wheels that can drive to and from the job, if it's to hard to roll on the terrain you are on. On a lot of models they have reversing tines which is a good feature.

I've seen these in action where the tiller wheels is pulling its self forward with the drive wheels and the tines are rotating in reverse against the direction the wheels are going . Which this alone will cut soil preparation in half and what do you want, you want fresh loosely tilled soil in the least amount of time and effort.


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