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Hand tools

I recommend having pruners, loppers, shovels, hoes, rakes, post hole diggers, bow saws, etc. You will need some of all of these tools on each truck. Get good quality ones and they should last a long time. Cheaper ones do not hold up under commercial use and the money spent on good ones is worth it.

If you work in an area with a lot of pine needles or mulch, you will need some good rakes. I had several of the three foot rakes. They work well when there is a large amount of straw  and customers will appreciate it when you put the fresh straw in their flower beds.

You will always have use for a good trash container. The 30 or 40 gallon plastic ones with wheels are very useful. Also, have on hand some small 5 gallon buckets for weeding and quick cleanups.

I carried at least 2 or 3 buckets and kept them inside the trash can or I would leave something in them. You can generally find these buckets in or around the dumpsters at sandwich shops. They receive some of their different sandwich additives in them and will probably let you have them for free.

Before I forget, I used to have problems with the buckets coming missing. So I would either leave some trash or clippings in them . All of a sudden they stopped coming up missing. People will in most cases not go to much trouble to take something not worth much if it is very much trouble. It worked for me.

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