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The small handheld two cycle blowers work very well if cash is a factor and you are just starting out. They make a very good back up unit later on. These units are also useful when blowing out gutters and cleaning off roofs.

For larger areas, you will need to have a backpack blower. These units are more powerful and faster. They generally will have two or three times as much power as handheld types.

In time to come you will probably have at least one handheld and several back pack blowers depending on your business. These units have been improved over the years. Noise pollution and control has made manufactures produce quieter and mower powerful units. Restrict usage in residential areas is enforced in some areas. A good rule is to not operate them before 8 am or after 6 p.m. in residential areas.

If your business has very large areas to be cleaned with a blower, you might then consider a roll around type blower. These are available in 5 to 11 HP and are used in parking lots, tennis courts, etc. I have seen people use them on the larger lawns where leaves are a problem to clean up.

Hedge clippers

Manual hedge clippers are very slow and time consuming. If you are doing full service jobs with a lot of bushes to trim you will need at least one set of gas hedge clippers and maybe a few manual units as backup. You may even consider electric hedge clippers until you can purchase the more powerful gas ones.

I did not purchase the gas powered clippers at first and now realize my mistake. When it takes a couple of employees twice or three times as long to complete a job, you will lose money.

Employees will burn out quickly when it is 100 degrees outside and they see that 50 foot-10 foot tall hedge to clip and clean up. Speed and accomplishing a job is your main objective.

To give an example, what would normally take 3 or 4 people to complete with manual clippers, one person with gas powered could do the same job in approximately the same amount of time. That alone will cut down on labor cost and it won't wear the employees out as quick.

When we used the hand clippers I would wait till late in the day because it would take us so long to get the job done and you could forget about getting anything else done that day.

After I purchased the gas powered ones it didn't matter when we trimmed the bushes or hedges because it normally didn't take that long. What really impressed me was sometimes they would fuss over who would get to use the hedge trimmers.

Believe me nobody ever fussed over who was going to use the hand clippers and normally we had to use different people any way because one person could not hold out long enough to get the job done.


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